Play with crypto currencies in German online casinos

If you are already familiar with the online casino business and have possibly already gained some gaming experience yourself, you will already be familiar with the term crypto currency.

Should this not be the case, I will gladly introduce you to the admittedly somewhat abstract term crypto currency again. These are so-called alternative currencies which are not physically present but are part of the virtual money market.

Future of the crypto-currency

Nevertheless, it should be noted that a crypto currency is tradable and valuable, just like a traditional currency such as the US dollar. Crypto-currencies have long been overshadowed by the scepticism of the critics and have fortunately been able to establish themselves as an independent currency for the benefit of both clients and providers. To give an example of a crypto currency, the Bitcoin would not like to go unmentioned. Thus, in addition to the currencies you are already familiar with, your credit balance can be paid out to you in the form of Bitcoins if you are a successful gambler. The particularly attractive character of Bitcoins and crypto currencies in general is offered by online casinos that offer a so-called Bitcoin Casino Bonus without deposit.

Sports Betting with BTC

Another big area of the BTC gambling industry are sportsbooks for sports betting. This has become huge in Germany too.  A good comparison of providers can be found at

Exploiting the profitability of bonuses

You should definitely look for the latter if you want to realize the full potential, both in terms of profit and the lucrativeness of the bonuses. These special no-deposit bonuses allow gamblers, without having to dig deep into their own pockets, to make their first bets, especially as a newcomer, and to get a feel for the habits of online casino play. Of course, it is important to note that this special bonus is only free for the customer if explicit reference is made to the fact “without own deposit”. Inform yourself best of all at your personally valued online casino provider like and do not shy away from a detailed comparison of different online casinos, in order to be able to assume that you have made the best possible individual choice of an online casino for you personally.

Guide to the collection of crypto currencies in Germany

In Germany, numerous forms of Bitcoin currencies already exist at the moment. In addition to the traditional Bitcoin,  there are also

  • Bitcoin Cash,
  • Litecoin,
  • Ether and DASH

just to name a few.

What is the best way to collect your own Bitcoins, or where are they stored? This extremely essential and important question can be answered as follows: You can store the Bitcoins you have earned and won via an app or via software, whereby the system is very similar to that of PayPal, for example. This particular app then acts as your account, your balance of the various Bitcoins. You can accumulate as many Bitcoins as you like on the latter and then either cash them out at a later date, or continue trading with them and possibly earn even more credits. Trading Bitcoins is also going beyond the online casino market and is very much on the rise throughout the Internet.

Advantages of crypto currencies

To mention just a few of the advantages of crypto-currencies, we cannot fail to point out the transparency of Bitcoins thanks to special blockchains that guarantee the security and speed of payments and withdrawals, as well as the speed of transactions made possible when using crypto-currencies. Thanks to encrypted systems, a significant level of security is also provided and, in addition, you as a customer and consumer expect little or no fees.

Since the user is allowed the anonymity with which each and every one of us would like to be treated on the World Wide Web by assigning addresses in the network, the data of the individual is also treated sensitively. In conclusion, the use of crypto-currencies in online casinos is a long-term investment, thanks to the increase in value of the currencies.

Importance of the crypto currency in online gambling

In the online casino, for example at the popular Pokerstars portal, there is a Pokerstars bonus. Here you receive over everything, which concerns the topic of alternative currencies and the employment those in on-line Casinos, further information and can provide once an exact overview of it, which options and positive side effects the employment of crypto currencies in the gambling brings with itself.

Altogether it can be emphasized again and again how important it is to keep up with the spirit of the times and not to let oneself be left behind, especially when it comes to new fields of knowledge, and to get an idea of the innovation, since time never stands still and innovative ideas emerge every minute. This has now also understood the majority of the online casino community and because of this, we also recommend that you give the crypto currency in gambling in online casinos a chance.

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