Leading freedom of info infringements

For the authorities, the blogosphere is the key goal. Websites represent an enormous new info and view sphere – the one that arouses great interest by net users. Because of this, sites are targeted for heavy sanctions.

Huynh Ngoc Chenh (Netizen of the year for 2013), sums up the situation: “The state controls all communications. Opinions that oppose the state are nonpublic. Freedom of expression is nearly non-existent in Viet Nam. So many people use sites to make their opinions known. But these blogs shut. And lots of bloggers are detained. Plus they are stressed, alongside their families.” People more and more need good VPN connections .

In June 2012, Decree VPCP-NC directly targeted the most powerful blogs: Quanlambao, Danlambao and Biendong in the state. When their real details are discovered by the Party their authors, who write under pseudonyms, face long jail terms.

Anonymity is prevalent in the Vietnamese blogosphere. But the Party isn’t letting that get in its manner, using its monitoring tools to uncover the actual titles of specific bloggers. If caught, they risk punishment that is harsh. The searchers for a VPN List for iPhone are getting more every day.

That was Nguyen Dao in 2006 and the fate of Le Performed. While both signed their work with false titles (Nguyen Hai Son and Nguyen Hoang Long), they were recognized by cyber-cops and sentenced to four and two and a half years in prison, correspondingly.

Though equally posted their perform under pseudonyms Tran Huynh Thuc was detained in 2009, and Van Fresh in 2011. Thuc today is serving a 16-yr sentence. Fresh, who utilized four different false names, was sentenced to four years.

Blogger Panh Thanh Hai and writer Pham Chi Dung, a former member of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee who led to “unauthorized” sites for example Phiatruoc and Quanlambao were also detained despite their utilization of false names. More here

Info activists live under constant observation. Processes comprise intimidation and bodily surveillance of those whose details are understood. Electronic espionage and phishing is directed at bloggers that were anonymous .