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Proof of Work: CryptoNight

CPU + GPU mining . An algorithm that requires memory, uses AES encryption and SHA-3.[/karma_builder_icon_content]

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Total BITSUM Supply

Total Supply of BITSUM is 1.84 Billion, With Estimated time between blocks: 120 seconds[/karma_builder_icon_content]

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Messenger Wallet

A wallet that includes classic console services and a management program via Telegram[/karma_builder_icon_content]


BITSUM is a decentralized, open source cryptocurrency that uses the CryptoNote algorithm. The main purpose of creating BITSUM is the creation of a decentralized cryptocurrency in TAS-IX. You can send and receive BITSUM without any middlemen and without interest for the transfer.

Why Choose BITSUM

We are Providing you With Option To Use TELEGRAM App as Your Wallet, No Need to Keep your Coin on Exchange, Buy and Transfer that to your Wallet, Which is Fully in your Control, We will Soon Add FACEBOOK and SKYPE as Wallet.Best way to Send and receive BITSUM.We will Add tons of Feature that Will Attract  Business and Companies to work with us. We AIM to make BITSUM User-friendly

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Messenger Based

BITSUM is Messenger Based Cryptocurrency, We are using Telegram as Wallet , We will Soon Add Skype and Facebook as Wallet[/karma_builder_imagebox_2]

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High Degree of Confidentiality in Transactions.All your Transaction will Be Private and Secure, Send BITSUM Anywhere in the World[/karma_builder_imagebox_2]

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BITSUM is Decentralized and All Transaction is executed within Few Minutes.Where all Transactions are Protected By Cryptonote Algorithm[/karma_builder_imagebox_2]

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