Critique: Is Your Support Actually Anonymous?

Over a year past TorrentFreak took a look in a variety of the VPN providers of the net to find out which ones actually take privacy seriously. Throughout the weeks that followed we received tons of e-mails begging us to perform today and an upgrade here it’s. The initial episode in our listing of VPN solutions that due to their own set up cannot hyperlink consumer action to actions and outside ip-addresses.

BoxedPrompted with a high profile instance of an individual utilizing an ‘anonymous’ VPN support for example to play online poker,  that proved to provide significantly less than protection that was expected, TorrentFreak decided to inquire a variety of VPN providers some queries that were tough.

With our conclusions we gathered a a study of VPN suppliers that thanks to their own set up were not able to link their ip-addresses that are out-bound . Since we’ve acquired countless e-mails challenging an upgrade.

It is obtained a number of years but we deliver the very first episode in a string of articles highlighting VPN solutions that take privacy seriously now. Anonymity is focused on by our first post plus a later episode will emphasize filesharing aspects and limits that are potential.

We attempted to ask immediate concerns that left little room to support companies . Supplier companies who did not reply at all, did not answer our queries straight neglected by visiting every thing, were just omitted. Unfortunately this intended that many were dismissed.

In 2013 we also asked more questions, that are as follows:

1. Can you maintain logs which will enable a third party or you to match an IP-address a time-stamp as well as to a user of your support? If so, just what advice does one maintain?

2. Under what legal powers does your business manage and under what precise circumstances are you going to share the data that you hold with a third party?

3. When you you are given Western equal or a DMCA take-down notice, how are these handled?

4. Which transaction methods does one run and just how are these connected to personal consumer accounts?

The listing of VPN suppliers isn’t all-inclusive at all and is a small sample of the hundreds away there now. VPN Suppliers not protected now may be added throughout the forthcoming months. All answers listed here have been in what of VPN providers themselves as well as the arrangement of the listing will not bring any significance.

1. We certainly don’t keep any logs of all kinds. We use common ip-addresses rather than static or dynamic IPs, therefore it is impossible to match a person to an ip address that is outside. All these are a few of many options we’ve implemented to empower the most powerful levels of anonymity. So you are save at Casino Bitcoin.

2. Our business now runs with gateways in america, Europe, Philippines, Italy, Great Britain, Europe, Sweden, Holland and Romania from the Usa. As it’s among the few states with no compulsory data retention legislation, the we were chosen by us. We WOn’t discuss any tips with 3rd parties with no court-order that is valid. That stated, it’s not possible to match a user since we keep certainly no logs and use common IPs.

3. We have been in compliance with DMCA as all businesses, worldwide, should be. We’ve got amazing technologies and a skilled legal staff which permits US to honor to our customers with no threat.

4. We accept several payment systems immediately, including OKPay PayPal, CC Amazon, Bitcoin Reserve, and CashU. Additionally, we’d like to encourage our customers to make use of an anonymous email and pay to ensure even greater degrees of anonymity should it be needed. The minimum information necessary to offer customers discounts is simply stored by us.