The Tor Network

The reduction in internet speed when using the Tor network over the normal Internet use is very noticeable. Nevertheless, the speed of a normal web surfing is sufficient. The transfer of very large amounts of data over the Tor network but takes a long time due to the limited bandwidth, which is why goal for activities such as file sharing or video streaming is not suitable. The Tor network allows a very good encryption of IP addresses, so it is almost impossible to trace the sender. The actual basic principle of goal but there is a security risk, because every Tor users can offer their computer itself as a proxy server in the Tor network. As well as potential attackers have the opportunity to participate even with a proxy server in the Tor network and thus listen to the transmitted data. It is therefore advisable to transfer the data never unencrypted, but always use connections that are encrypted with HTTPS or SSL. This allows a higher security against wiretapping attacks be achieved. A major disadvantage of gate opposite VPN is the fact that the anonymization of IP address provides a significant reduction in the surf speed with it. Therefore the use of VPN services is recommended, as they provide higher bandwidth for the transmission of very large amounts of data. In addition, VPN providers make it possible to anonymize the IP address of a higher security through additional services. Some providers, for example, a malware protection is integrated into the client software.

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